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A state religion.

Stop hippie college students from voting.

A ban on nipples.

A law to ban co-ed dorms at UNC.

Voter ID.

Brought back the death penalty and repealed Racial Justice Act.

A criminal background check for government assistance applicants.

A bill that would make it twice as hard to file for divorce.

A bill that would allow people to carry guns into restaurants.


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Today is the ‘National Day to Demand Action’ to end gun violence in America. Mayors from across the country are uniting in solidarity to show their support for common sense gun legislation.

This morning in Durham, there was a press conference featuring mayors of local cities (Durham, Carrboro, Chapel Hill and Morrisville) who are part of ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns.’

Tonight in Raleigh there will be a candlelight vigil, featuring survivors of gun violence.

Well, local dickhead Sean Sorrentino wants to troll the vigil with a counter protest. He must not agree with victims of gun violence.

He even refers to the Mayors Against Illegal Guns as “garbage.”

Sorrentino already has ideas for signs that he’ll hold.

Sign suggestions

  • Nanny Bloomberg should take his billions and go home to NYC
  • If MAIG wants background checks, they should start by checking themselves!
  • (for children) My mommy’s (or daddy’s) gun protects me
  • Guns save Lives!
  • I’m Pro-Choice on Self-Defense

The Westboro Baptist Church would be proud.

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Cross-eyed ‘Hee-Haw’ extra and part-time member of group 87% of America disapproves of, Renee Ellmers, is considering running for U.S. Senate, according to WRAL. 

Ellmers has a history of doing and saying bigoted and ignorant things.

Her campaign was predicated on being against gay marriage (we see where that is going) and “fighting Barack Obama everyday,” which is translated to “making sure no bills get passed and doing nothing in Congress.”

Let’s look at her highlight reel.

What does Ellmers think about Muslims?

Let’s watch Anderson Cooper own her.

She also stated after the shooting of Gabby Giffords, that she will carry a gun in public.

Now she wants to hold one of the most influential offices in America.

Filmmaker Leanora Minai’s short documentary “The Mothers” goes inside a monthly meeting at the Durham County Library.

These meetings are a support group for mothers who have lost children to murder in Durham.

I won’t editorialize this any more. Just watch.


The link to the film is right here.

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First up, we have the Tea Partier!

Republican cuckold seeks Liberal BM/WF couple – m4mw – 39 (Raleigh)

I put this in misc romance because I am not seeking sex. I am seeking to be humiliated by the couple for being a small man, picking losers during this election cycle, and just for being a closed minded small dicked white man. Tell me how black men are breeding out the whiteness in our society as I must endure watching you two make love together and destroy divisions between races. Serious and have no time for haters or liars.

Did they use the term ‘haters’ correctly in that last sentence?

This next one, I’m sure is just a friendly dude and in no way a serial killer plotting to keep you in a dungeon.

Do you need a place to stay? – m4w – 28 (Holly Springs)

Do you need a place to stay? I am an educated single white male who owns a 3 bedroom house. I know people get down on their luck… kicked out… or are just in need of a place to stay for a million different reasons. Reply to my ad and we can talk about your situation and see if we can make arrangements. I don;t require money, you can walk my dog while I’m at work, or just help out around the house. I’m flexible in this regard. Just trying to help a lady out and gain a new friend in the process as well!Please place your favorite book in the subject so I know you are real. Thank you.
Looking for a lunch partner?

sandwiches – m4w – 50 (n.raleigh, unless you treat)

thats right sandwiches:wm, 50 , seeks woman of equally silly demeanor, perhaps as amused at this as he is, for casual sandwiches, eaten in public places. Perhaps we will develop a long term sandwich eating relationship, perhaps not. If you have any photos of sandwiches please attach them to your reply, although the lack of photos will not automatically disqualify you. Believe it or not, i eat lunch seven days a week. Seven. I also think that its not the quantity of the sandwich which is important, but the quality and the company its eaten with.Prefer over at least 40, but you might be able to talk me into a light meal if you are younger and offer to buy. Persons without a sense of humor need not apply. Parking lot picnics could be an option, as i carry my lunch most days.Are you going to finish those chips?
I’m thinking ‘sandwiches’ might be code for something

You want to be Daddy’ s Girl? – m4w – 63 (Johnston County)

Any Ladies want to be Daddy’s Girl. Need to be pampered before Daddy puts you to bed. Then show you the Facts of Life. ^3 yr old 6’5″ Tall DDF Can host or travel. No prostitutes or bots.
donations. Put Daddy in subject line and send photo please.

They say it’s a buyer’s market for used panties.

Young professional wants to buy your WORN Panties – m4w – 33 (Brier Creek/Durham)

Here’s the deal:I want to meet a woman, under 50, who is willing to part ways with her worn panties for some a$$i$tance.I’m not looking for sex or to even be touched.

Simply, we meet in a public place, go somewhere that you can slide them off, and then hand them to me in exchange.

I’m very serious and pretty sane!

He’s “pretty sane” or at least as sane as you can be while purchasing used panties in a parking lot.

This next ad is extremely disturbing…even for Craigslist.

Mother/son roleplay – m4w – 21 (Warren county)

I have an interesting roleplay scenario that I’ve played in my head for a while, and the thought turns me on.
Me:21 year old college student (still a virgin and inexperienced) coming home from my job, I walk in the house and look around for you (attractive mother). As I turn the corner I see your bedroom door is open, but inside is vacant. As I look further, I notice the bathroom door ajar, as I approach I look up and my heart stops. There you are, topless and casually looking around for something, I couldnt tell what. I freeze, you dont notice me. Looking at your bare breasts, I almost lose any awareness of the situation or my morals..I am mesmerised… As I take out my stiffened cock I pray you dont see it, as I start stroking it, Imagining what it would be like to touch your supple mounds… And then, I see you in the mirror and our eyes make contact…
To be continued
Reply if you are interested, pics per request.
Thanks on advance


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Spring, although delayed until further notice, will be gracing us with its warmth any day now.

The season of love brings so much joy. Open windows, shorts, flip-flops, tilling my tomato garden and blooming azaleas gives me a seasonal boner.

But the greatest part about spring is the outdoor drinking. Outdoor drinking is one notch below outdoor sex. And with outdoor drinking comes outdoor games.

Of course the grandaddy of outdoor games is horseshoes, a game that  can be played while guzzling Heineken because the object is to throw a piece of metal reasonably close to another piece of metal.

This guy shows you how not to do it if you’ve been drinking.

Lately the regal sport of horseshoe throwing has taken a backseat to the new kid on the block, a pussier version of horseshoes. CORNHOLE or BEAN BAG TOSS as it might be known in more moderate circles. It’s more like DOUCHE BAG TOSS  am I right?

You’ll see cornhole at almost any tailgate, surely the game of choice for frat bros wearing whale pants. I understand it’s not easy to drive a metal spike into the asphalt of a college football stadium parking lot, so sometimes cornhole is an acceptable substitute. But it’s an acceptable substitute in the way that Pinot Noir is an acceptable substitute for a 7.0% IPA. It’ll do the trick in a pinch, but it’s pretty fruity.

There’s a brutality to horseshoes. The feel of the metal, the explosion of sand, the ‘ping’ heard when a horseshoe wraps around the spike. OH THE PING. It signals to the other combatants that you have superior form and probably a much larger penis.

When I hit a ‘ringer’ as it’s known, I hold the pose, like a 3-point shooter displaying a gooseneck for the crowd to see.

Yes, that’s right, check out my muscular thigh bend, gaze at the veins in my forearm, swoon over how my left hand gently holds a 12 oz bottle with merely a thumb and index finger.

Oh how I can’t wait for Spring.

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After a long day’s work I pull into my driveway. I leash up my dog so she can do her business, and while she’s pinching off a steamer I check the mail.

“Oh, what do we have here? Let’s see…junk, junk, junk…AH! The power bill.”

I slowly separate the adhesive glue from the paper, trembling in anticipation.


Of course, nobody feels this way, but Progress Energy doesn’t really care because they want to jack up rates according to WRAL.

Progress, which was acquired by Duke Energy last year, originally requested an 11 percent increase, saying it would help the company as it transitions to cleaner energy. It is retiring 12 coal-fired units and replacing them with low-emission, natural gas-fueled plants.

Although the negotiated rate is lower, it remains controversial because it would hit residential customers hardest. Progress wants to cut rates for large industrial customers by 4.2 percent to try and save jobs.

Oh sweet. If there’s one area that needs a discount and a break from higher bills it’s big business. Congrats Progress, you win this weeks “ASSHOLE AWARD.” Solid work.