Will Durham Church Have To Testify Because They TESTIFIED?

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Image Via Google- Daily Tar Heel

According to ABC 11, NewHope Church in Durham is being sued for loving Jesus too much. Well, actually just playing their music at a volume that disturbs families that live nearby.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, nine families living in The Hills at Southpoint subdivision claim that NewHope Church on Fayetteville Road refuses to turn down the music. The neighbors say performances and practice sessions at the church are “akin to rock concerts.”

Just like rock concerts! Except, the music is probably much more lame.

Apparently the church has attempted measures to muffle the sound, by trying sound proof walls and lowering volume…but God’s music can’t be stopped.

Those changes are apparently not enough for neighbors who live near the church. They claim church leaders have been hostile to their complaints and continue to pump out music levels that invade their homes – affecting their ability to sleep and enjoy their neighborhood.

As the Good Book says, treat thy neighbor as thy passive-aggressive guy that lives above you in the apartment complex.

NewHope church has nothing but love for their neighbors,” said attorney William J. Thomas, II.


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